Our Practices

Basic Course Meditation

Inner Smile

Learn how to smile on the inside. In this practice you will smile and relax inwardly to your body and organs. Surprisingly one of the most powerful healing and energy producing techniques.

Six Healing Sounds

These practices identify negative emotions in each organ and transforms them into positive ones. eg cruelty into love ( heart), anger into kindness ( liver). It involves connecting with the unpleasant feeling and breathing it out of the organ concerned. Negative emotions can hurt us - so this is a potential way to transform stress and negativity into a positive framework.

Microcosmic Orbit

One of the most well known basic Taoist practices. In this meditation you will learn to circulate energy around the microcosmic orbit (Governing and Functional channels ). Opening these 2 channels has an effect on all meridians in the body and loosens the spine helping relieve tension and pain.

Healing Love

Learn the preliminary energetic practices and theory of generating pleasant sexual energy in the body by the practices of testicular, ovarian and breast massage. Note there is no contact between participants and all students remain fully dressed. Teaching sexual practices is difficult as we are to accommodate many taboos of our society. However I believe we negotiate this area in a very controlled, respectful and professional manner.


Intermediate Course Meditation

Healing Love

Learn the practices and the theory behind of the power lock and orgasmic upward draw.


Advanced Course Meditation

Fusion of the 5 Elements

This practice involves the identification of the five elemental forces. These are fused in the centre of the body to create a stone or pearl (similar to the philosophers stone in Western alchemy). This alchemical process converts base energies into virtuous ones. Aspects of Fusion 1 include fusion of negative emotions, the 5 elements, and the senses. The pearl is be sent out of the body to form the energy or spiritual body. This is the vehicle for higher spiritual work.


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Kan and Li

The real beginning of Taoist Enlightenment work. Here the fire energy is inverted below the lower cauldron and water is placed inside to create steam. This steam is used to cleanse the organs and their corresponding meridians.​

Picture showing fusion meditation incorporating the planets, major organs and the energy body.