Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung
Basic Chi Kung
Iron Shirt Chi Kung 

Iron Shirt Chi Kung was initially developed for martial art purposes, but can be used for restoring vitality and strength to the body. It involves special breathing techniques such as packing and the empty force. One opens the inner energy channels by smiling, connecting with the earth and heavenly forces. Foundation work for bringing the Chi back into Tai Chi. 

5 Element Chi Kung

5 Element Chi Kung involves slow Tai Chi type movements connecting with the 5 forces , special movements and the breath.

Intermediate Chi Kung

Students will learn Master Chia’s Tai Chi Chi Kung 1 Form. Though based on the birds tail and single whip into the 4 directions it is really a Chi kung form. Energy is carefully discharged from the legs and rolled up the spinal column to the palms so that a solid connection is made from the earth to the executing palms.

12 Animals

Strengthening the Tan Tien as well as opening other channels of the body through animal imitation and martial art movements.

"Tiger Claw" one of the many animal postures in Chi Kung.

"The Bear" spreading the Chi throughout the Back.

"Dragon Winds around the Jade Pole" : opening up the belt channels.

Advanced Chi Kung


This involves the Nei Kung practices or "Bone Marrow Nei Kung". Practitioners first learn to bone breath and then after carrying out Chi weight lifting with the pelvic floor and weights. The body being charged with Jing Chi (sexual energy ) is then percussed with various devices along all acupuncture meridians.

Iron Wire

A harder Chi Kung Practice that extends the phenomenon of iron to the limbs. 


Iron Shirt 2

An extension of Tai Chi Chi Kung 1 and Iron Shirt 1 with sending chi through the meridians in a wave like manner.

Chi Kung
Chi Kung

Activating the organs and key energy gates in Chi Kung