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Greater and Greatest Kan and Li: Darkroom meditation GM Mantak Chia assisted by Prof Andrew Jan

23 February to 7 March 

contact: retreatreservation@tao-garden.com

Brisbane Instructor Training

May 1st -5th.

See: https://www.healingtaoaustralia.com/home/teacher-training.php

contact Adam Gokman: adam.gokmen@outlook.com

Germany 2020:


Ba Gua Zhang Thursday 11 June; Tai Chi 3:  Friday, 12 June, Tai Chi Cane / Walking stick: Saturday, Sunday  13, 14  June

Contact:  Wolfgang: wh@tao-berlin.de



Tai Chi 3:  Friday, 19 June; Tai Chi Cane / Walking stick: Saturday, Sunday 20,21 June; Ba Gua Zhang: Monday 22 June; Push Hands: Tuesday 23 June.

Contact: Martina: info@qi-gong-tao.de

For information on any of these workshops, please email Dr Andrew Jan

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