Fusion Meditations

Advanced - Internal Meditation Practice
1. More Advanced Sitting Energy-Mastering Meditations -Beginning Internal Alchemy
Fusion of the Five Elements 


The Fusion of the Five Elements is the second level of Universal Tao Centre  Internal Alchemy meditation. The concept of Internal Alchemy is grounded in the Taoist belief that the inner universe is identical to the outer universe. The medium to connect these inner and outer worlds is experience of energy. They share the same "cosmology"  such that harmony of the internal energies is the same as the universal energies. The knowledge of the Internal Alchemy is a necessary step in becoming connected to the outer universe, from which an unlimited power can be derived for one's individual benefit. The Taoist Masters reasoned that to become connected to the outer universe, one needs first to gain control of his or her own inner universe. The Fusion of the Five Elements practice is a big step in this direction. One begins with the understanding of the dynamics of the universe, the planet earth, and the human body with respect to their relationship to the Five Agents of Nature (or Energy Phases) and the Eight Forces of Nature. In our inner universe, our organs correspond with these Five Phases of Energy in three distinct ways: controlling, creating and balancing. The Fusion practice combines the energies of the Five Phases of Energy into one harmonious whole . This system which has been taught extensively by Master Chia and his Instructors makes available an incredible internal alchemical system. Alchemical systems have been taught previously in the West to produce the so called Philosophers stone. Unfortunately the lineage and access to these teachings has been lost.

A. Fusion of the Five Elements I (F1)

Fusion I uses pakuas to call forth and connect with the five energies and eight forces of nature for protection, to enhance one's energy and to increase the mind power. The pakuas are energetic figures controlled by the mind to guide energy. In this practice of internal alchemy, the student also learns to transform the negative emotions of worry, sadness, cruelty, anger, and fear into pure energy. This process is accomplished by identifying the source of the negative emotions within the five organs of the body. After the excessive energy of the emotions is filtered out of the organs, the state of psychophysical balance is restored to the body. Freed of negative emotions, the pure energy of the five organs is crystallized into a radiant pearl or crystal ball. This is the same as the Western Alchemical systems "Philosophers Stone". The pearl is then circulated in the body and attracts energy from external sources - Universal Energy, Cosmic Particle Energy, and Earth Energy. The pearl plays a central role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body. The energy body is then nourished with the pure (virtue) energy of the five organs.

B. Fusion of the Five Elements II (F2)


The second level of Fusion practice teaches additional methods of circulating the pure energy of the five organs once they are freed of negative emotions. When the five organs are cleansed, the positive emotions of kindness, gentleness, respect, fairness, justice, and love are combined into compassion energy that emerges as a natural expression of internal balance. The practitioner is able to monitor his state of balance by observing the quality of emotions arising spontaneously within. The energy of the positive emotions is used to open the three channels running from the perineum, at the base of the sexual organs, to the top of the head. These channels collectively are known as the Thrusting Channels or Routes. In addition, a series of nine levels called the Belt Channels is opened, encircling the nine major energy centers of the body.

C. Fusion of the Five Elements III (F3)


The third level of Fusion practice completes the cleansing of the energy channels in the body by opening the Bridge and Regulator channels. You also learn in this level to build some extra psychic protection, You learn techniques to drive out negative energy entities that attach to the spine and other areas. There are specialized practices to protect the spine and to clear the brain. The opening of the Microcosmic Orbit, the Thrusting Channels, the Belt Channel, the Great Regulator, and Great Bridge Channels makes the body extremely permeable to the circulation of vital energy. The unhindered circulation of energy is the foundation of perfect physical and emotional health. The Fusion practice is one of the greatest achievements of the ancient Taoist masters, as it gives the individual a way of freeing the body of negative emotions, and, at the same time, allows the pure virtues to shine forth.

Fusion Meditation

Pictorial representation of meditation incorporating the 5 Yin organs, the energy body, and 5 major planets.

Fusion Meditation

Meditation showing formation of the spiritual fetus and energy body.